Our equine program is a big part of what we do each day at Kolob.  One part of this program is horseback riding instruction.  Our girls are on a horse at least 2 hours per week.  Another big part of our equine program is Equine Therapy.  Equine Therapy is experiental in nature.  This means that participants will learn about themselves and others by participating in activities with horses and then by processing their feelings, actions and behaviors after.  At Kolob Canyon, we have found that working with horses has helped our girls learn emotional regulation, creativity, problem-solving and better communication skills.  Horses are extremely sensitive to our emotions and they respond accordingly.  This makes a horse a wonderful team member with a girl's therapist to help a girl learn more about herself and how she approaches the world.  Working with the horses successfully, allows our girls to feel a sense of accomplishment.  

Our clinical team including our Executive Director, Recreation Director, Equine Director, Clinical Director and therapists recently spent 3 days working with Pegasus Training to receive advanced Equine Assisted Counseling (EAC) Training.  Not only did this advanced training provide our clinical team with more insights, activities and ideas to improve equine therapy, but it also helped our clinical team bond and communicate better.  Our clinical team is consistently looking for ways to improve and advance their expertise in clinical modalities to help our girls heal.