Under the close supervision of our Equine Director Anndi Condor, Kolob decided to add a breeding component to our Equine Program.  To begin the breeding program, we purchased Poldark an English Shire.  During the course of many months Poldark was breeded with two of our mares.  Ultimately one of our mares, Nova became pregnant.  Nova was pregnant for 11 months!  During that time our students learned about caring for a pregnant horse including proper nutrition and exersice.  They also learned about the genetics of horsebreeding.  When it came closer to the time that Nova was due to have her baby, the students prepared a special barn barn area and enclosure so that Nova would have the privacy she needed to have her baby and then to care for her baby.  Momma horses are very protective of their babies and having a space dedicated to them new mom and colt was important.  On April 14, 2018, our first little colt was born.  His name is Kootenai (pronounced Coo-ten-A).   He is a delightful little guy who is already very playful.  When he gets a little older, the students will start working with Kootenai to train him.  This has been a very exciting process for our students to monitor and participate in.  



Math Teacher Nancy Ward was honored with an "Excellence In Service" Award at the Southwest Regional NATSAP (National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs) Conference held on March 6, 2018 in St. George, UT.  Nancy was among 10 candidates nominated for this award.  Nancy started working at Moonridge Academy in July 2016 soon after graduating from Southern Utah University.  Nancy continues to go far beyond her job description to meet Moonridge students at their learning level and engage them in her passion for math.  Nancy has found that if she connects wtih students outside of the classroom she has won the battle inside the classroom.  She does this as she builds a relationship with students through participation in adventure activities and therapy groups.  Nancy has cheered on students as they compete in local horseshows.  She has intereacted with students on monthly adventure excursions.  Recently Nancy was observed helping a student with her homework during a trip to Lake Powell.  Nancy is willing to come in early and stay late to help tutor a student who needs extra assistance.  Once a student sees that nancy uses her free time to have fun, connect or study with them, students show up ready to learn in class.  Often students come to Moonridge Academy disliking math.  They have often been unsucceful in math and this has caused increased anxiety as they enter the math classroom.  Due to Nancy's individualized approach to teaching and her ability to conncext with her students outside of classroom, student leave Moonridge feeling confident with (and often loving) math.  Test scores and quarterly student updates consistently prove her success.