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"The outdoor adventure aspect of the program at Kolob is essential.  We have been so impressed with the positive experiences our daughter has had while on these outings.  There is a great variety in the activities, and it is clear that Ruth and all of the staff, put a great deal of effort into planning and joining in the excursions.  The family adventure activities have been wonderful too! Great opportunities to take advantage of the beautiful locations surrounding the campus and allowing for natural and healthy communication to unfold amongst family members.  Our favorite Parent Seminar was the 3-day Moab river rafting trip.  We were so grafeful to experience this with our daughter, all of the other girls at Kolob and their families."  


Kolob Canyon takes parents involvement and education seriously!  We know that when a child is in treatment they are working hard to learn new skills.  Parents also need to learn new skills too.  This will help with success when a student returns home after treatment.  To assist parents Kolob provides them with different learning opportunities including quarterly parent seminars and a parent education webinar series. 

WEBINAR SERIES:  Live webinars are provided to parents up to three times per month.  Webinars are taught by clinical and academic staff from all of the CERTS Programs of which Kolob is one.  During webinars parents are able to interact with the instructor asking valuable questions.  Kolob also has a Parent Education Channel where parents can view on-demand all recorded webinars at their convenience. 

PARENT ASSIGNMENTS:  As part of the family therapy work parents will do, the might be given as assignment by their therapist.  This often correlates with the level work that a student is doing.  Assignments could include reading a chapter in a book, watching a specific webinar, or writing thoughts or feelings to be shared in family therapy.   

SEMINARS:  Parents join us frequently for multi-day conferences that include outdoor adventure and experiential activities (with your daughter!), intensive parent support groups, classes, parent-teacher conferences, and family therapy sessions.  We definitely believe in doing deep therapy mixed with a lot of fun and laughter.  

Additional on-campus, off-campus and at-home visits will happen throughout your daughter's treatment at Kolob Canyon, but even so, parents are asked to attend each Seminar.  This will allow you to support your daughter and also to be part of the Kolob Canyon parent community as you participate in coaching sessions, family therapy, adventure therapy and workshops.  The parent bonds created at Kolob Canyon will be deep and lasting, because no one can better understand you and support your journey as well as another parent on the same path.

In addition to the quarterly Parent Seminars, parents will be learning DBT skills along with their daughter.  Parents will participate in family coaching sessions weekly in conjunction with family therapy.  Parents will be given assignments by their daughter's therapist to complete that will help them improve their parenting skills.  We often say that the best results happen in a family when a girl is learning skills and making changes at the same time her parents are. All of this positive change leads to lasting results!