The Kolob Canyon RTC Personal Greatness Program is a unique, self-paced journey of self-discovery.  This program is designed to help each girl discover her own unique talents and abilities.  Using a level system, it introduces certain basic principles of life in a sequential format.  This gives us the opportunity to observe and assess each girl, allowing her to receive extra attention from the program, academic and clinical staff.  As each girl begins to understand and live according to the principles of one level, she earns the right to move to the next level and is there exposed to another set of principles and priviledges.  At each level a girl has a list of requirements that she must complete in order to progress.  These requirements are individually tailored by the therapist and treatment team to meet a girl's specific needs.  Each requirement helps a girl to learn more about herself and reinforces the specific principles she has been taught on that level. Collectively, the program reinforces the progress a girl is making in individual, family and group therapy.  There is no set time period for how long a girl should be on a level.  A girl might spend more time on some levels and less on others.  

The five levels of the Kolob Canyon RTC Personal Greatness Program are as follows:

  1. Orientation:  Girls learn the rules and expectations to settle in at Kolob. They also learn about safety on campus.
  2. Self-Awareness:  Girls learn that they have self-worth.  They develop insight and understand logical consequences.
  3. Accountability: Girls learn about choice and accountability, proactivity, integrity, goal setting and planning.  
  4. Self-Discipline and Service:  Girls learn commitment and follow through as they move toward independence.
  5. Compassion and Forgiveness:  Grils continue to improve their independence through communication and team work. They learn to have vision and balance in their lives.