Kolob Canyon Residential Treatment Center provides services to troubled teenage girls between the ages of 14 through 17 who are experiencing challenges with depression, anxiety, self-harm, suicide ideation, eating disorders, adoption issues, difficulties in school, poor peer and/or family relations,  limit setting, oppositional defiance and low self-worth. Kolob Canyon takes a holistic approach to therapy and growth for adolescent females while teaching social skills and interpersonal development. 

Kolob Canyon believes that behavior is a function of one's self-perception and that self-worth profoundly affects behavior. Depression, low self-esteem and misbehavior are almost always manifestations of deeper problems.

Kolob uses a busy, but fun schedule of experiences and adventure to help our students find a "Life Worth Living" - through recreation, travel, culture, animals, service and community.  We are the program that works hard and plays hard.  Girls and parents participate in regular recreation adventures that provide connection, skills building, insight and mastery.  We believe that a soft, patient approach where your daughter is cared about and loved - while still being held accountable for her decisions and conduct - is the ideal treatment that teen girls  with depression, anxiety, attachment issues and oppositional behavior can connect to and thrive within.  Our small intimate setting of just 12 girls is the ideal place for a troubled teenage girl who needs a relationship model of care.