Ruth Morrow, LCMHC

Adventure Director


Ruth is a LCMHC and has worked in residential treatment for over ten years. She is a trained equine therapist and loves using equine therapy in innovative ways. She is excellent at cultivating relationships with her girls and inviting them to change, and knows how to do the little things that cumulatively make such a difference in the course of treatment. For this and other reasons, Ruth is loved by the students on her caseload! Ruth is also a major adventurer - always camping, hiking, biking, or otherwise enjoying the outdoors. One of her major draws to coming to Moonridge Academy was our Adventure Therapy program and her ability to be with your girls in their activities and adventures. Ruth lives in Cedar City with her husband, Eric.

Ruth can be reached at

Get to know Ruth by watching a webinar she hosted titled, Scream Free Parenting