Earth Science

This course focuses on Earth's materials, sculpturing Earth's surface, forces within the Earth, historical geology, oceanography, meteorology and astronomy.  At the same time students explore current policies and practices related to the environment of the world. Students will observe, inquire, questions, formulate and test hypotheses, analyze data and evaluate findings.  With this in mind, active experiences are incorporated into the classroom instruction.  


In this course, students begin learning about ecology so that they have a concept of how living things interact with each other and their environments.  Students will learn that structure in all living things occurs as a results of necessary functions.  Students learn the interactions of organisms in an evironment are determined by the biotic and abiotic components of the environment. Students come to understand cell biology and the organization of living tissues.   Students learn that the evolution of species occurs over time and is related to the environment in which the species live.  Since all science should be experimental, hands-on active experiences are incorporated throughout the instruction.  


Chemistry education is organized around major concepts of matter, structure, energy and change.  Instruction will emphasize the priniciples and laws that describe the conservation of matter, changes in the structure of matter and changes in energy.  Students will learn that substances are made of molecules and these molecules are made of atoms.  Students will learn the properties of elements and that the formation of compounds results in a great diversity of matter.  Since all science should be experimental, related activities will be incorporated whenever possible.  


This course covers an introduction to general physics for students who have not had physics.  Fundamental principles of mechanics, waves, heat, electricity, magnetism, light, atomic and nuclear physics are taught and discussed.  Related activities are incoporated as appropriate to classroom instruction.