"Outdoor Adventure was an important part of our daughter's treatment program at Kolob. At home, she was all too often caught up in television, the Internet or her phone.  She would spend hours by herself sitting and interacting with technology.  At Kolob she was immersed in the real world with real people-living life out loud in one of the most beautiful places on earth.  Hiking, camping and riding horses got her moving outside in the fresh air and sunshine and widened her experience of the world.  Games, outings and other experiential activities taught her important lessons about how to communicate, resolve conflicts and be effective in relationships with others.  Above all, these activities helped her learn to play again-to let down defenses she had build up, just laugh, have fun and be a kid again.  With each parent seminar weekend, we could see her lighting up just a little bit more-genuine smiles, real hugs, authentic engagement.  Our girl was coming back to us."  Parents of Haley

"Some of my happiest and most pivotal experiences at Kolob were spent hiking, rock climbing and rafting.  Hiking, specifically, has always been a passion of mine.  The more unfamilar like climbing and rafting provided me with an increased sense of physical and mental strength and a greater understanding of my own resilience.  I am very grateful for these activities that fed my insatiable hunger for outdoor adventure and provided so much opportunity for self-growth!"  Lenie