Frequently Asked Questions


Q. How is Kolob Canyon different from other places?

A. Three things help change lives: the student's desire to change, the quality and training of the staff, and individualized attention. While no one can force your daughter to change (although some programs may try), we create unique, non-classroom experiential learning situations that both cause our students to ask and answer for themselves basic questions about their lives and that create the desire to want to improve their present state from within. Our therapeutic staff is also specifically trained in creating a climate that causes students to want to grow. Finally, our small, intimate facility allows for the kind of individual attention that success demands. Because of this, we believe that Kolob Canyon offers the very best hope for positive change in your daughter.


Q. How long is a typical stay at Kolob Canyon?

A. A typical length of stay is about eight months, with stays ranging generally from seven to twelve months, depending on the issues and the girl's rate of progress


Q. Can you guarantee you'll be successful with my daughter?

A. No. The only person who can guarantee positive change is your daughter. However, our therapists have an excellent track record of creating a climate that causes our students to want to change. Normally you will see significant progress, particularly as you do your part as a parent to support family therapy and participate in family weekends. Our therapists have helped many students with similar issues to overcome their addictions and self-defeating behaviors and to lead happy, successful, and productive lives.


Q. What is an average day like at Kolob Canyon?

A. Busy. An average day consists of rising early, chores, community meetings, at least five hours daily of school and studying, recreational therapy, field trips and excursions, group therapy, aerobic exercise, community service, and free time. A balanced schedule of healthy, positive activities is a key part of the healing that takes place at Kolob Canyon. Click here to see a day-to-day schedule of activities.


Q. Why is Equine Therapy so successful?

A. There are lots of reasons. A short answer might be that horses, because of their size and because they can't talk, teach our students simple but powerful life-lessons that are very relevant to the adolescent girls in our program. Our girls learn to respect others, gain self-confidence, become more self-accepting, and much more. Click here to learn more about how and why our equine therapy program is so important to our success.