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Kolob Canyon, a premier intermediate Residential Treatment Center, provides an intimate homelike environment with warmth and individual attention for teens ages 14-17.  We are purposely small with just 12-16 students.  Personal healing through intensive therapy, adventure, equine therapy and supported academics are our primary goals. Experienced therapists provide individual, family, group, DBT, EMDR, equine, adventure, and other creative therapies.  Typical issues for students at Kolob Canyon include trauma, depression, anxiety, adoption/attachment, low-level substance abuse, self-harm, emotional dysregulation, and family issues.

 Academics include a traditional school day with certified teachers and small class sizes.  Our year round schedule allows students to easily make up missing school credits.  Individualized academics can help a student prepare for college or provide the extra support needed to accommodate IEP recommendations.

We specialize in individualized treatment.  Come experience the peace and change at Kolob!

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