An Outstanding Education is Part of the Cure

Kolob Canyon Residential Treatment Center believes that a challenging, stimulating educational program can be another important key to restoring balance and health to our students. We provide a high quality, fully accredited educational program that includes traditional academic studies, a rich fine arts curriculum, foreign language on-line classes, and computer aided instruction for those girls wanting additional curriculum. Our traditional classroom instruction benefits from small class room sizes, providing the individual attention our students might need.  Special attention is paid to meeting the needs of each individual student. Many students arrive at Kolob Canyon needing to make up school credits.  This is accomplished with a year round school schedule and individualized instruction.  We often find that students not only make up missed credits, but then excel.  Our goal is to develop positive self-esteem in a climate that stimulates creativity and individuality. Our philosophy is based on the belief that each child has unique capabilities.  We feel that a wide variety of experiences are necessary to help teenagers discover and enhance their talents. We help each student to experience success that can be applied to all aspects of our education and clinical programs. Academic expectations are high and with the guidance of highly trained and caring teachers, students learn and master the necessary skills to prepare them for the future while they become clinically stable.  

Kolob Canyon School Education Program

Kolob Canyon School is student-focused rather than curriculum-focused. In addition to the core curriculum classes, our broad enrichment program of art, foreign langauge options, horsemanship and drama provide opportunities for success that empower our students to succeed elsewhere.  Students are also assisted in learning good study skills and executive functioning skills. ACT/SAT Prep classes are provided. Teachers are carefully selected based on their expertise and love for what they teach. Most importantly, the program is a place where students feel loved and respected. We base this on our belief that a child who feels loved will eagerly want to learn and will feel self-confident in doing so. Kolob Canyon's academics are offered in a supportive and stimulating environment dedicated to:

  • Helping students develop high-level thinking skills so that the process of learning applies to all aspects of life outside school.
  • Establishing a well-balanced environment that nurtures positive self-esteem.
  • Providing a climate that stimulates creativity and is supportive of the unique qualities of each child.
  • Making teachers and students accountable for the mastery of basic academic skills.
  • Creating a democratic environment that promotes respect for others.

This student-focused, principle-centered approach to teaching troubled teenage girls allows Kolob Canyon to rekindle a love of learning in students that frequently struggle in traditional academic settings.

Special Education Program

Students with special needs due to ADHD, learning disabilities or other school related issues are easily accommodated with our small class sizes and individualized instruction.  With a Special Education Certified Teacher on staff, we can follow IEP and 504 plans that were developed in a student's school of origin.  Our Special Education Certified Teacher meets weekly with each student who has an IEP or 504 plan to provide extra assistance.  Our Academic Director also meets with each girl weekly on an individual basis to provide extra support and tutoring.