Equine Therapy

Therapists and the Equine Director at Kolob Canyon are trained as Equine Assisted Counselors in Natural Lifemanship, trauma-focused equine-assisted psychotherapy. Equine Therapy at Kolob Canyon is based on the concept of building connections with the horses. Students learn to build connections, trust, and confidence with these incredibly intuitive animals. Horses give a completely honest reflection of what's happening internally with a teen.




Adventure therapy is a great way for students to learn and grow. It uses challenging outdoor activities to help promote healthy identity development, self-efficacy, grit, and a growth mindset. Adventure therapy can help students use DBT skills and process the trauma they have experienced. It is an amazing way for teens to connect with their bodies and heal from within.

This is an integral part of the program at Kolob Canyon. We also know that students are more likely to open up and process things when they are in nature with their therapists.




Kolob Canyon takes parents' involvement and education seriously! We know that when a child is in treatment, they are working hard to learn new skills. Parents also need to learn new skills too. This will help with success when a student returns home after treatment. Kolob provides different learning opportunities to assist parents, including quarterly parent seminars and a parent education webinar series. Area and home visits also help parents and students begin the important transition home. 



Trauma focused care

 At Kolob Canyon, We believe it is important to consider past trauma and coping mechanisms when working with students. We focus on healing the roots as well as the causes of a student's problem behaviors rather than just focusing on their behavior alone. Most of our students have experienced some type of trauma, whether large or small. When we understand how traumatic experiences and traumatic stress may impact our students, many things are likely to turn out better. Kolob Canyon is focused on helping those who have experienced trauma.




Kolob Canyon believes that a challenging, stimulating educational program can be another important key to restoring balance and health to our students. We provide a high-quality, fully accredited educational program that includes traditional academic studies, a solid core curriculum, foreign language online classes, and computer-aided instruction for those teens wanting additional electives.

Special attention is paid to meeting the needs of each individual student. Individualized academic support focuses on meeting IEP or 504 plan recommendations when needed, building executive functioning skills and assisting students in preparing for their college experience



dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT)

Students struggling with emotional dysregulation, depression, anxiety, and many other challenges can quickly learn and develop life skills to help balance logic and emotion in any situation. Because of the effectiveness of DBT, Kolob Canyon is a DBT-infused program.



The Kolob Canyon clinical program is intentionally highly structured and intensive. It results from many years of successfully working with adolescents through a comprehensive program that mixes traditional and adventure therapy.

We believe this blend of therapies decreases the amount of time a student has to stay in the program while increasing overall success rates. We are a DBT-based program, but we also use different therapy modalities to meet our students' individualized needs.

Our therapists are highly trained with a Master's Degree or higher in therapy and/or counseling. Moreover, Kolob Canyon regularly exchanges ideas with leading adolescent therapists to ensure that your teen benefits from the finest treatment practices in the world. This is why we are confident in our ability to produce lasting, positive change in our students.

With a small group of only 16 students, it is difficult for a student to fly under the radar at Kolob Canyon or to go unnoticed in one aspect or another in the program. Therefore, our treatment team meets weekly to review each student's progress in the program. With this overview, our team can individualize treatment for each student.

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