Adventure Therapy

What Is Adventure Therapy?

Adventure therapy is a great way for students to learn and grow. It uses challenging outdoor activities to help promote healthy identity development, self-efficacy, grit, and a growth mindset. Adventure therapy can help students use DBT skills and process the trauma they have experienced. It is an amazing way for teens to connect with their bodies and heal from within.

we believe having fun and healthy activities is important to healing

This is an integral part of the program at Kolob Canyon. We also know that students are more likely to open up and process things when they are in nature with their therapists.

All of the adventure activities at Kolob Canyon are chosen specifically to teach independence, life skills, teamwork, DBT skills, leadership, and problem-solving skills. Adventure therapy activities are specifically designed to achieve therapeutic objectives.

We are perfectly situated for almost all outdoor adventures and experiential activities. Our students are within easy driving distance of numerous National Parks, including Zion, the Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon, Arches, Capitol Reef, and Cedar Breaks National Monument. There are countless horse trails, lakes for kayaking, deserts to explore, and mountains to hike. Playing hard is necessary to balance the intense therapy that occurs each day.

Laugh & Seize the moments

Each Wednesday, all of our students experience an adventure day. Adventures include hiking, swimming, kayaking, skiing, sledding, and service projects, just to name a few. Whether hiking or learning improv, we make sure we laugh and seize the moments! Because our therapists participate with students in adventure activities, intense therapy can also occur while students have fun.

Once per month, except for November and December, students and their therapists participate in a 3-day trip. Trips have included, but are not limited to, white water rafting on the Colorado River, hiking at beautiful locations, kayaking on various lakes, skiing/snowboarding at Brianhead Ski Resort, and various camping trips to amazing locations.

Our vision for Adventure Activities
includes the following:

Practice DBT Skills in real-life situations

Engaging the mind-body connection through physical activity and therapeutic support

Opportunities to create a shared narrative with others that help instill a sense of community and connection

Experience the 3-day effect (allowing the nervous system the opportunity to heal in the outdoors)

Increase student engagement and therapeutic buy-in

Build confidence through physical acts and finding strength and building mastery

Learning how to take risks in a safe environment by separating fearful emotions from bad memories and bringing the nervous system to the safer, quieter present

We aim to help your teen find a sense of

by participating in adventure activities



Not only did the adventure activities at Kolob help me with my self-confidence, but they also helped me with my anxiety around people and showed me how to have fun while doing healthy things.


2023 Adventure Therapy Schedule

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