John LOVES being able to lead the great team at Kolob Canyon RTC. John started working adolescents and their families 2006 as a front line staff. Over the years John has worked with hundreds of struggling teens and their families. John has worked in many roles helping adolescent and their families heal. Some included but are not limited to a frontline staff, milieu director, primary therapist, school administrator, clinical director and wilderness therapist. He sees that his calling in life to bring health, peace, and strength to others. Also, he is a TEDx speaker and is an award winning speaker with Toastmasters.

John believes that great programs are built on effective systems, good solid people, and great leadership. He aspires to laugh regularly as in his mind laughter is sacred. When John is not working he loves to ponder of ways to make his dreams into memories. He love spending time with his wife and 5 kids, He loves to read books, write and give speeches, working out and going on weekly dates with his best friend and wife BreAn.

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